Straight Dressing

The classification “Straight Dressing” applies to the general dressing of wheels where there are no profiles or radii to be dressed.

The most common form of Straight Dressing is the dressing of wheels by hand, or on surface, universal, roll, and centerless grinders.

The diamond is mounted to present a sharp point to the wheel, and should be reset when it wears too flat to dress the wheel efficiently. Our setting materials, developed by our own technicians, eliminate burning of the diamond in the setting operation, loosening of the diamond and effective heat dissipation in use.

The SIZE and QUALITY of the diamond used for a straight dressing operations should be selected on the basis of the grinding wheel characteristics; its’ diameter, width, grain size and composition. The finer grains and harder bonds used in grinding wheels require better qualities of Industrial Diamonds for dressing than the coarser grain, relatively softer grinding wheels. We supply four general qualities of Industrial Diamonds in our straight dressing tools, namely; Grades “AA”, “XX”, “C”, and CW.