Application of Resin Bonded Wheels

Precision Grinding

  • Cylindrical, centerless, surface and internal grinding of carbide tools, cutters, dies, gages, etc.
  • Grinding chip breaker grooves
  • Grinding threads in carbide taps and gages
  • Sharpening carbide reamers, drills, inserted tooth milling cutters, etc.

Cut-Off and Slotting

  • Cutting sintered carbide to size where fast cutting is important

Off Hand Grinding

  • Sharpening single point tools where fast cutting action is required
  • Grinding new carbide single point tools on a production basis


The ANSI Standard Safety Code B.71-1970-Maximum Operating Speed For Resin Bond Diamond Wheels is 9500 SFPM

Dry Grinding – Minimum-2500 SFPM   Maximum – 3000 SFPM
Flood Grinding – Minimum-5000 SFPM    Maximum – 6000SFPM


Avoid Excessive feeds – for most satisfactory finish and longer wheel life, the following feeds are recommended:

     .001″ thru 120 grit
     .0005″ thru 220 grit
     .00025 for 240 grit and finer

TABLE SPEEDS: 10 to 40 feet per minute
CROSS FEED: .030 to .100 depending upon the width of the wheel and size of the load.