Other Products

Multiple Point Diamond Dressers

MULTIPLE POINT DIAMOND DRESSERS are ideally suited for certain specific roughing and finishing operations, depending on the physical characteristics of the grinding wheel, the type of finish desired and the amount of material to be removed. They are not recommended for all dressing operations.

These tools contain fine quality; whole, unbroken diamonds scientifically spaced on the face of the tool, or in evenly spaced meshing layers. While each diamond individually is too small for the average job, more than one diamond contacts the wheel simultaneously, distributing the load and wear evenly.

Thread Grinding Tools

Contains a natural, uncut, crystal shaped diamond securely mounted and centrally set. Used on Excello, Jones & Lamson, and other thread grinding machines.

Hardness Testing Diamonds

Penetrators made for all makes of hardness testers for Rockwell testing. Accurately made within precise limits required for metallurgical laboratories. Guaranteed to give accurate performance.

Diamond Powder

A. LANDAU COMPANY DIAMOND POWDER is produced from select virgin diamond boart, crushed and precision in our own laboratory under strict scientific control. Quality guaranteed to conform to U. S. Bureau of Standards requirements.

Special Application Diamond Tools

We also invite your inquires for any special application diamond tools, such as PCD, CBN, inserts, lathe tools, solid diamond reamers and expandable reamers.