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Instructions for use of Diamond Dressing Tools

The proper care and maintenance of diamond dressing tools is important to assure long life, trouble-free performance and maximum efficiency. These few simple rules must be followed to obtain the full benefits of your diamond dressing tools.

Use proper quality, size and shape of diamond for your needs
Diamond Dressing Tool

Set tool at 10 to 20 degree drag angle below wheel center line (as shown).
  Prevents gouging of wheel and chatter marks in finished work.

Tighten tool firmly in holder and avoid overhanging

Prevents chatter marks in wheel and diamond breakage.

Avoid shocks and take light dressing cuts only

(.001" to .002" max.)
Prevents diamond from overheating and gouging of wheel.

Keep tool under flood of coolant when possible

Prevents diamond from overheating, excessive diamond wear and diamond fracture.

Turn diamond tool frequently

Creates new cutting edge prevents dull diamond from glazing wheel and overheating.


Dull diamond glazes grinding wheel, overheats and fractures from excessive friction. Usable life of diamond can be increased by getting it reset to present sharper dressing area to grinding wheel.


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